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Helia – Mediterranean Whisper - HELIA
Clim Studio

Helia – Mediterranean Whisper - HELIA - Clim Studio

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Helia – Mediterranean Whisper
Brand: HELIA
Production Company: Clim Studio
Client: HELIA
Agency: -
Director: Clim
Producer(s): Jack Alexandre
Creative Director: Clim
Editor: Clim
Music/Sound Design: Qb Sound
Animation: CG Design & Animation: Witold Markiewicz ------ xParticles: Dimitrios Sakkas
Instagram Tag: @clim_studio
Short Synopsis: Helia is a High-End leather goods and accessories brand, committed to excellence, delivering timeless products inspired, designed, and exquisitely handcrafted in Spain.

Clim–Studio was commissioned to develop its very first brand-concept film and to help guide the worldwide launch of Helia’s most iconic collection; The beautiful Elaia bag.

As a response: A visual language of perfumed light and salty breeze, nurtured by elegancy and proudly feminine.

Inspired by nature, the Helia brand defines itself as the Flower of flowers, Mediterranean sun-bathed vitality, and perennial beauty. As Helia’s products, we nurtured the identity with great precision and exquisite care to detail, celebrating Femininity not only conceptually but in form and motion.

To conceptualize the launch film, we created a Conceptual Thread with words that reflect the spirit of the brand. Those words became key values that we can combine to create beautiful short slogans. That was the seed that nurtured, not only the film but the whole communication package.

When launching a real product, and even more when we are dealing with high-end handcrafted items, our 3D modeling performance needed to be of excellent accuracy and with meticulous attention. And so, we did. The CG version of the Elaia Bag cannot be distinguished from the real one.
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