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Tales of Courage
Mayor Productions

Tales of Courage - - Mayor Productions


Title of Piece: Tales of Courage
Production Company: Mayor Productions
Director: Drue Bisley
Producer(s): Executive Producer Fabio Mayor, On-set Producer Sophia Dembitzer, Production Coordinator Jo Thompson
Creative Director: Drue Bisley
Editor: Drue Bisley
Director of Photography: Zoë Que
Costume Design: Marian Nachmia
Hair & Makeup: Hair Stylist Reiss Harris, Make-Up Artist Celia Evans
Music/Sound Design: Sølv
Casting Director: Drue Bisley
Writer: Kezia Navey
Additional Credits: Talent Harriet Longhurst c/o Next Models
Additional Credits: 1st AC Jonny Lewis
Additional Credits: Gaffer Adam TRZ
Additional Credits: Styling Assistant Marta Garcia
Additional Credits: Makeup Assistant Amelia Conway
Additional Credits: Grade GLASSWORKS VFX
Additional Credits: Post-producer Andrew Patrick
Additional Credits: Colourist Daniela Rotaru
Additional Credits: Graphic Designer Francesca Williams
Instagram Tag: @druebisley @mayorproductions #talesofcourage
Short Synopsis: In "Tales of Courage," we witness a profound journey of self-discovery and freedom. Initially feeling powerless and disconnected from the world and herself, Harriet, takes a brave step to escape her painful existence. Through the art of pole dancing, she finds a new perspective, drawing closer to her true self and creating a deep connection to her mind and body. "Tales of Courage" celebrates growth, resilience and the healing power of dance, where vulnerability becomes a source of fortitude and strength.
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