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An Ode to Procrastination

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Title of Piece: An Ode to Procrastination
Director: Aleksandra Kingo
Producer(s): Rupert Style, Angela Woods
Editor: Sam Hopkins
Director of Photography: Matthew J. Smith
Production Design: Amy Friend
Costume Design: Natasha Freeman
Hair & Makeup: Chris Kurz, Wilma Stigson
Music/Sound Design: Toby Andersen, Robert Kivits
Visual Effects: Jon Hollis (Raised By Wolves)
Props Stylist: Helen Zarkina
Additional Credits: Starring: Sarah Sayuri Hare
Additional Credits: Production Manager: Luke Jackson
Additional Credits: Assistant Director: Mark Layton
Additional Credits: Colourist: Simona Cristea (Coffee & TV)
Instagram Tag: @aleksandrakingo @rupertstyle @angelawoodsagency @sarah.hare @mjsmithsdop @amy_friend
Short Synopsis: In An Ode to Procrastination we follow the thought process of a young artist, Sarah. Sarah is trying to create what she thinks is the project of her lifetime, but procrastinates while struggling to start. The film explores relatable fears plenty of artists endure. Sarah copes with her’s by completely ignoring them - in her head, she finds a good, yet sometimes absurd, reason for everything she does or doesn’t do and sprinkles her struggles with motivational quotes all while slightly dying inside.
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