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Levitate - Reveligion
La Bulle

Levitate - Reveligion - La Bulle

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Levitate
Brand: Reveligion
Production Company: La Bulle
Client: Reveligion
Director: Luis Velasco
Producer(s): Elsa Moro
Creative Director: Luis Velasco
Director of Photography: Angel López Miranda & Carlota Cascón Ferrándiz
Costume Design: Maria Novo Cano
Hair & Makeup: Maria Lorain
Music/Sound Design: Alex Aller
Writer: Luis Velasco
Instagram Tag: @luisvelascodc @_elsatab @angellopezmir @carlota.cascn @novocano @_marialorain_ @alex.aller
Short Synopsis: With this fashion film, we were looking for something more timeless,
unlike the current concept of fashion associated with the change of
tastes that quickly go out of style. We wanted it to pause the speed
of our time while highlighting the ethereal textile qualities of this
clothing through fast movements seen in slow motion.

I grew up in a rural area of Spain where the landscape surrounding
my childhood was simply crop fields, just sky and earth. For some
people, it may seem boring, but to me, it conveys peace, and in that
environment, I sometimes perceive an almost mystical sense. That's
why I thought this could be the perfect scenario to develop the idea.

To achieve this goal, we used a trampoline on the outskirts of
Madrid, where the city abruptly ends and the countryside begins, a
huge contrast that you can still find in this big city.
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