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Flash - CHIMI - Aspekt


Title of Piece: Flash
Brand: CHIMI
Production Company: Aspekt
Client: CHIMI
Agency: Direct-to-client
Director: Andreas Almkvist
Producer(s): EP: Liz Dussault & Kim Buisson, Producer: Ludvig Sörhus
Art Director: Tina Misaghi
Creative Director: Sebastian Brännén & Charlie Lindström
Editor: Andreas Almkvist
Director of Photography: Arvid kornstrand
Production Design: Aron Heinemann
Costume Design: Christopher Insulander
Hair & Makeup: Sóley Ástudóttir
Music/Sound Design: Music: Johannes Wikström / Sound Design: Calle Buddee Roos
Visual Effects: Jonathan Wendt & Hampus Lindén
Instagram Tag: @aalmkvist @aspektproduction #CHIMI
Short Synopsis: Swedish eyewear brand Chimi launches Flash, a limited edition drop, conceptually created at the meeting point between movement and looks, inspired by the aesthetics of the early 2000s. The campaign film directed by Andreas Almkvist, tells the love story between two seemingly average (but beautiful) officer workers, bored and trapped in their lifeless 9-5 jobs, who break free - metaphorically and literally - from their dull cubicles and revolt against the system, their Flash eyewear emboldening them to seek passion and a lust for life. Produced in Stockholm by Aspekt, the film is complimented by a print a campaign shot by Andreas Almkvist.
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