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Title of Piece: BSAHTEK
Production Company: SOLAB Pictures
Director: Marc Thomas
Producer(s): Nicolas Tiry, Stéphanie Savornin
Editor: Grégoire Brice
Director of Photography: Bernard Jallet
Production Design: Felix Gesnouin
Costume Design: Simonez Wolf
Hair & Makeup: Flavie Terracol
Music/Sound Design: Pierre Oberkampf
Casting Director: IKKI Casting
Animation: Atelier Pierre Pierre
Writer: Marc Thomas
Additional Credits: Colorist: Arthur Paux
Additional Credits: Talents: Ali Latif, Amine Lakhal, Nouh El M'Barky, Milan Bodemer
Instagram Tag: @_marcthomas @solab_pictures @brnrdjllt @nicolas_tiry
Short Synopsis: A ballad from another time of young men during their haircut in a north african hair salon in Paris, the story of a slice of suspended time spent before the mirror.

It's for this hair salon, tucked away on a narrow street in Pigalle (Paris), that some young people cross the city for a precise, 10€ haircut.
Shot in 16mm and over a guitar western feeling, the film seeks to capture, with an enthusiasm curbed by modesty, a moment off the beaten path, light-hearted yet serious, in which the haircut becomes a chance to self-perfect.
Be it the latest trend or the ritual visit, an exercise of savoir-faire and style, the contemplative moment glimpsed in the reflections of the large, gleaming mirrors becomes the refrain from another time.
A ballad that has been played by generations before us, the one that leaves us pensive and moved by the feeling that we are heirs to a tradition, the new charismatic gentlemen with the slicked-back dos.

Then comes the closing remark, bringing the flight of fancy to an end. “BSAHTEK”, it’s the approval, the compliment, the last word that concludes the cut.
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