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Before Us - Paula Raia
Paula Raia

Before Us - Paula Raia - Paula Raia

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Title of Piece: Before Us
Brand: Paula Raia
Production Company: Paula Raia
Director: Renan Flumian
Producer(s): As Meninas Produções
Art Director: Ana Arietti
Creative Director: Paula Raia e Renan Flumian
Editor: Renan Flumian e Daniela Gonçalves
Director of Photography: Victor Neves Ferreira
Production Design: Paula Raia and Team
Costume Design: Paula Raia and Team
Hair & Makeup: Catarina Albano
Music/Sound Design: Max Blum
Casting Director: Renan Flumian
Writer: Renan Flumian
Props Stylist: Paula Raia and Team
Additional Credits: Color and Finish: Marina Franzolim
Additional Credits: Dream Interpreter: Samuel de Saboia
Additional Credits: Local Producer: Helena Lunardelli
Additional Credits: Set Assist: Fabiana Tanaka
Additional Credits: Cast: Irina Kravchenko
Additional Credits: Assistant Director: André Cézar Mendes
Instagram Tag: @paula_raia @p___raia___ @renanflumian @anaarietti @victornevesferreira @andrecezarmendes @maxblum @franzolimarina @maisumadani @asmeninasproducoes @catarinalbano @samueldesaboia @hawaiibyfabi @helenalunardelli @iriska_kravchenko #antesdenos #paularaia
Short Synopsis: A woman dressing long venust gowns, lost in space-time, marvels at a stone house on top of a hill and her life changes completely with an unusual and unexpected passion.
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