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Plus D'amour
By The Gram

Plus D'amour - - By The Gram


Title of Piece: Plus D'amour
Production Company: By The Gram
Director: Zafar Mehdi
Producer(s): Aaliya Amrin, Eman Batliwalla, Danisha Kohli
Creative Director: Zafar Mehdi
Editor: Zafar Mehdi
Director of Photography: Zafar Mehdi
Hair & Makeup: Tugbanaz Hazal Avci
Music/Sound Design: Caro Emerald, Connie Francis, Roger Louis Harmon, Ruba Shamshoum and Veltin Hadjadj
Casting Director: Zafar Mehdi
Animation: Athul Jayaraman
Writer: Zafar Mehdi
Additional Credits: Producer- Princy Maheshwari
Additional Credits: Line Producer- Tanya Wasir
Additional Credits: Post Producer- Aparna Mangalam
Additional Credits: Director's Assistant- Piyush Awasthi
Additional Credits: 1st Assistant Director- Tugbanaz Hazal Avci
Additional Credits: Colorist- Saurav Kumar
Additional Credits: Poster- Gabriella
Instagram Tag: @just_zafar @by.the.gram
Short Synopsis: "Plus D'amore" follows a heartbroken woman burdened by recurring breakups, embracing cynicism as a shield against her true sadness. In a pivotal phone call with her friend Tugba, she reluctantly reveals her disillusionment with love. Tugba's surprise visit sparks a transformative realization – embracing life means acknowledging suffering's role. Together, they embark on a poignant journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

"Plus'damore" explores the delicate balance between heartache, friendship, and the innate resilience of the human spirit.
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