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Ruby O. Fee x The Five
Vogue Germany

Ruby O. Fee x The Five - - Vogue Germany

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Ruby O. Fee x The Five
Production Company: Vogue Germany
Client: Vogue Germany
Director: Jánik von Wilmsdorff
Producer(s): Philipp Verheyen
Art Director: Anton Cobb (Alexx and Anton)
Editor: Jánik von Wilmsdorff
Director of Photography: Jánik von Wilmsdorff
Costume Design: Anton Cobb (Alexx and Anton)
Hair & Makeup: Philipp Verheyen
Music/Sound Design: Thomas Michna
Additional Credits: Starring: Ruby O. Fee
Additional Credits: Photography: Sarah Storch
Additional Credits: Redaktion: Beatrice Graf
Additional Credits: Assists: Thomas Michna & Sophie Schwarzenberger
Additional Credits: Make-up Assistance: Monica Karsai
Additional Credits: Styling Assistance: Carl Hohrath
Additional Credits: Styling: Anton Cobb (Alexx and Anton)
Instagram Tag: @janikvonwilmsdorff @sarahstorch_official @alexxandanton @philippverheyen @beatrice_graf @thominus_prime @sophieschwarzenberger @monicakarsai @rubyofee @voguegermany
Short Synopsis: On the VOGUE Set with Actress Ruby O. Fee in Berlin.
Join Ruby O. Fee as she unveils her cherished personal items exclusively for VOGUE. From a small tiger to unique treasures like her favorite makeup mirror, and even her adoration for crystals, the film offers a glimpse into her distinctive world.
A Film by Jánik von Wilmsdorff.
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