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Girls in Film (GiF Productions Ltd)

Birthright - - Girls in Film (GiF Productions Ltd)


Title of Piece: Birthright
Production Company: Girls in Film (GiF Productions Ltd)
Director: Jade O'Belle
Producer(s): Becs Rainey, Sohaila Ferrier
Art Director: Jade O'Belle
Editor: Clémentine Bartaud
Director of Photography: Simona Pranulyte
Production Design: Alan Scott
Costume Design: Jade O'Belle
Hair & Makeup: Alice Dodds, Jade O'Belle
Music/Sound Design: Luke Osborne, Nadiah Adu-Gyamfi, Jade O'Belle
Casting Director: Luke Osborne
Animation: MUNGO
Additional Credits: Executive Producer - Becs Rainey
Additional Credits: Choreographer - Becky Namgauds
Additional Credits: Composer - Luke Osborne
Additional Credits: Colourist - Vlad Barin - CHEAT
Additional Credits: Cast - Jade O'Belle, Yinka Adeyoka, Nadiah Adu-Gyamfi, Tania Dimbelolo, Kassichana Okene-Jameson, Ebun Sodipo
Instagram Tag: @jade_o_belle @girlsinfilm_gif @sossyfez @becsrai #birthright #jadeobelle
Short Synopsis: Jade O’Belle is a British interdisciplinary artist who employs a variety of media in her practice, such as film, still image, costume, sound and performance to explore alternative concepts of queer femme identity, ritual, and her West African heritage.

O’Belle's interests seep into her work, which explores notions of identity, queerness and sexuality. O’Belle engages with the body through her mythical prose and visual imagery. Jade intuitively uses rituals to create connections to memories of her forefathers that have been passed through her body to inform the daily rituals that she uses to move through the world.

Birthright is a mesmerising convergence of ethereal worlds; a transformative expression of identity, sexuality and culture. It is an ode for femme people of colour to explore and envisage alternative non-western understandings of themselves in relation to their bodies.
As the High Priestess summons and connects with the ancestors, we are plunged into an otherworldly milieu, the backdrop to the surreal mythologies of Yoruba culture, spirituality and ritual. Visuals of seas and the flickering of mirrors and light transcends us into a haunting exploration of selfhood, anchored by an equally haunting score.

Birthright encapsulates the Black femme-identity through Yoruba iconography, a conceptual film that strives to reclaim conversations on selfhood, our bodies, and power.
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