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Brilhantina - Meiota

Brilhantina - Meiota - Meiota

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Brilhantina
Brand: Meiota
Production Company: Meiota
Director: Bruna Sozzi
Producer(s): Giulia Muller
Art Director: Yasmin Waksman
Creative Director: Yasmin Waksman, Isadora Villarim
Editor: João Sucupira
Director of Photography: Bernardo Negri
Production Design: Yasmin Waksman
Costume Design: Yasmin Waksman, Isadora Villarim
Hair & Makeup: Cidoca Nogueira
Additional Credits: Lab / Scan: Cine Lab UK
Additional Credits: Films: Runner Filmes
Instagram Tag: @brunasozzi @yasminpw @isavillarim #brilhantina
Short Synopsis: Brilhantina is an experimental work made by merging a fashion brand of carnival clothes, launching its first collection inspired by another traditional Brazilian date: São João.

One of the hallmarks of the Festa de São João are the colorful flags, the bonfires on starry nights, which symbolize the fire of São João, the typical foods and the country style.
The whole concept of the video, art direction and props, costume design, hair and makeup, acting, photography direction, was inspired by this Brazilian tradition.
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