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Dramaturgy - -
Denise Bakker

Dramaturgy - - - Denise Bakker


Title of Piece: Dramaturgy
Brand: -
Production Company: Denise Bakker
Client: -
Agency: -
Director: Denise Bakker
Producer(s): Denise Bakker
Art Director: Denise Bakker
Creative Director: Denise Bakker
Editor: Dagmara Kucińska
Director of Photography: Pauline Skoreng
Production Design: Denise Bakker
Costume Design: Cara Brock, Tatum Luntang-Jensen, Filip Bejek
Hair & Makeup: Lotje Tempelman
Music/Sound Design: Jurriaan Kruithof, Luca Ariello
Casting Director: Denise Bakker
Animation: Donna Sgabri
Writer: Denise Bakker
Props Stylist: Denise Bakker
Additional Credits: Gaffer: Sean Louw
Additional Credits: Cast: Audrey Bianca Callista
Instagram Tag: @thedenisebakker
Short Synopsis: The fashion film ‘Dramaturgy’ forecasts the ways we could outperform ourselves within Web 3.0 and lose touch with our ‘real’ selves, which we had before shifting daily life all online and being behind a VR headset 12+ hours per day, and illustrates the effect of performing on social media: young adults suffer from depression and anxiety in ‘real’ life while showcasing a perfect cheerful version(s) of themselves online. This creates an absurd dystopian, where ‘real’ life and our ‘online’ life will contradict, diverge and accelerate.

The story plays in a futuristic 2032. We follow protagonist Roxy who is dealing with online & offline self-destruction due to their loss with their ‘real’ self.
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