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WE ARE - Stephen Van Eeden Atelier
The Art of Collboration

WE ARE - Stephen Van Eeden Atelier - The Art of Collboration

Official Selection

Title of Piece: WE ARE
Brand: Stephen Van Eeden Atelier
Production Company: The Art of Collboration
Client: Stephen Van Eeden
Agency: private
Director: Paula Zapata
Producer(s): Stephen Van Eeden
Art Director: Christine Le Roux
Creative Director: Stephen Van Eeden
Editor: Paula Zapata
Director of Photography: Paula Zapata
Production Design: Katerina Mayvial
Costume Design: Stephen Van Eeden
Hair & Makeup: Alesia Solo
Music/Sound Design: Johan Viljoen
Casting Director: Stephen Van Eeden
Writer: Johann Smith
Props Stylist: Christine Le Roux
Instagram Tag: Director @pz_visualcontent Fashion Designer @stephen_van_eeden Photographer@christinelrphotography Model @chani.rabe
Short Synopsis: "We Are" is a captivating fashion film that emerged as a remarkable outcome of "The Art of Collaboration," an extraordinary project focused on the power of fellowship and the collective strength of brands sharing a common vision. The film beautifully captures the essence of unity as 18 diverse brands, ranging from local treasures to renowned international names like Dior, joined forces to create something truly grandiose.
Set against the enchanting backdrop of Paris, "We Are" draws inspiration from the captivating beauty of Namibian icon Chanique Rabe, the esteemed Miss Supranational 2021 and the first African woman to bring this international crown to the Motherland. Her journey and experiences form the heart of this fashion film, reflecting her longing for a connection to her homeland.

Chanique Rabe's character longs for elements that can transport her back to her roots whenever she is away from home. Memories, products, and tastes become symbols of her African heritage, a tangible way of reconnecting with her identity. Through striking visuals, innovative storytelling, and the artful representation of fashion, "We Are" explores the profound impact that our origins have on shaping who we are as individuals.
As the film unfolds, Chanique Rabe's character expresses her heartfelt gratitude for the experiences she has encountered on her journey. She acknowledges that our roots remain etched within us, providing a sense of belonging and identity. However, she also realizes that our true selves are shaped by the places we have ventured and the diverse experiences we have embraced.
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