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Hold You Down

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Title of Piece: Hold You Down
Production Company:
Client: DOV
Director: Jean Charles Charavin
Producer(s): Dov Igel
Art Director: Jean Charles Charavin
Creative Director: Jean Charles Charavin, Dov Igel
Editor: Dorian Le Dastumer
Director of Photography: Ian Hurtado
Additional Credits: Robert Jamie Mason
Additional Credits: Josiah Aries Martinez-Wade
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Short Synopsis: Brooklyn-based queer producer DOV is back to debut an electric collaboration with recording artist Tesha entitled “Hold You Down”. The two artists found synergy in grief, as they both share a similarly traumatic experience with the loss of loved ones. DOV lost his mom in 2021 and Tesha lost both of her parents a few years ago; the two artists found comfort in making art and music together, expressing their deepest sorrows alongside someone who could understand what they were going through.

After completing his EP, DOV knew he wanted to add visuals to further expand on the journey he had been through since the day his mom passed. The music video for “Hold You Down” expresses loss, grief and how strongly it can take a hold of every aspect of your life. Telling his own story, he understands that these feelings are universal human experiences, which is why he chose to put his thoughts in a song that people could relate to. Inspired by the art of ‘voguing’, DOV chose to collaborate with a voguer named Josiah “Aries” Martinez-Wade for the visual. Meant to represent his mother, Robert Jamie Mason, the voguer plays the main character, captivating the camera with his every move. For the visual, DOV partnered with one of his favorite directors to make this vision come to life.

“The idea of addressing the theme of grief was the starting point of this collaboration. DOV gave me carte blanche for this project, which is rather rare in the music video industry and very enjoyable from a creative standpoint….

….I crafted a disjointed story between a fiction film and a dance to represent the emotions that can follow after a period of mourning. Moments that are both hazy, surreal, and extremely intense. For me, dance is a poetic way to tell a lot of things. The film does not seek to convey a specific message or build a very linear narration. Everyone can find their own interpretation and understand what they wish. It was important for me that the film remained poetic and open to interpretation.” - Video Director Jean Charles Charavin
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