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Kathmandu - Summer Never Sleeps - Kathmandu

Kathmandu - Summer Never Sleeps - Kathmandu - Scoundrel


Title of Piece: Kathmandu - Summer Never Sleeps
Brand: Kathmandu
Production Company: Scoundrel
Client: Kathmandu
Agency: Special Group New Zealand
Director: Daniel Warwick
Producer(s): Adrian Shapiro / Morgan Benson Taylor
Art Director: Lara Štefančič
Creative Director: David Shirley
Director of Photography: Jan David Günther
Production Design: Miha Knific & Lara Štefančič
Costume Design: Tina Tanko / Suzana Bićanić
Hair & Makeup: Nastja Pestivšek / Kristina Mandić / Borut Novak
Music/Sound Design: 'Jimmy, Renda-Se‘ by Tom Zé
Casting Director: DEEBEEPHUNKY International Casting
Writer: Otto Wiezorek
Props Stylist: Žan Kalan
Additional Credits: Choreographer / Erik Bukovnik
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Short Synopsis: Summer Never Sleeps is a film that encourages outdoors enthusiasts to cram in every ‘out there’ adventure they can this summer, by waving goodbye to sleep. With no need to sleep, symbols associated with drifting off are given new meanings. Pillows become campfire marshmallows, nocturnal animals are new friends, and sheep nod off by counting humans. Day turns into night and back into day, as simply as a merman flipping a switch. And even when you finally crawl into your tent – normally the end of a full day – you find it’s actually a portal to a cave party, where the DJ is an owl.
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