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Official Selection

Title of Piece: Liminal Zone
Director: Haoyang Jiao
Producer(s): Haoyang Jiao
Art Director: Haoyang Jiao
Creative Director: Haoyang Jiao
Editor: Haoyang Jiao
Director of Photography: Haoyang Jiao
Production Design: Haoyang Jiao
Costume Design: Haoyang Jiao
Hair & Makeup: Haoyang Jiao
Music/Sound Design: Maou Damashii Studio
Casting Director: Haoyang Jiao
Visual Effects: Haoyang Jiao
Animation: Haoyang Jiao
Writer: Haoyang Jiao
Props Stylist: Haoyang Jiao
Additional Credits: Junya Bai
Instagram Tag: @averynaooo @naoooavery #Liminal Zone
Short Synopsis: In the world we live in today, countless tragedies and sufferings occur in every corner. None of us can guarantee that we will not be the next victim to be crushed by life's iron fist. We are controlled by an intangible force, and we must find a way to seek redemption. Pain and history must never be forgotten.

It is in this context that my project takes root. During the initial stages of this project, I was inspired by Japanese RPG games and anime, which have accompanied me throughout my life and have continued to influence me. I seek to immerse the audience in my work by simulating a game experience.

In my creative process, I have incorporated many metaphors of the real world. These metaphors include confusing mazes, hallucinogenic mushrooms, flowers that surveil us, televisions that broadcast fake news, hypocritical and cunning deities, lanterns that depend on good and bad fortune, city buildings like chessboards, and screens that record history. Through these metaphors, I aim to remind people not to forget history and to view the world we live in dialectically. I encourage them to question the invincible forces and to use their courage to guard their inner voices.
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