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My Style Is...
Matt Vega

My Style Is... - - Matt Vega


Title of Piece: My Style Is...
Production Company: Matt Vega
Director: Matt Vega
Producer(s): Jamie Dolan / New Yerrk
Editor: Alex New
Director of Photography: Emmanuella Zachariou
Production Design: Martin Isenberg
Costume Design: Emily Drake, Page Rubin
Hair & Makeup: Nichole Hernandez
Music/Sound Design: Zin Chin / Ernesto Suarez
Additional Credits: 1st AC - Marcus Odom
Additional Credits: Gaffer - Cole Frasher
Additional Credits: Colorist - Sam Howells
Additional Credits: Production Assistants: Massimo Cancelliere & Ross Ginsberg
Additional Credits: Titles Design - Eric Bubas
Instagram Tag: @tltshft
Short Synopsis: This fashion film unites nine individuals, each with their own unique style and story, to delve into the true meaning of personal style beyond brands and labels. It goes beyond clothing, exploring the transformative power of self-expression and celebrating individuality. Through a blend of documentary and scripted scenes, models and everyday people authentically share their words and experiences. Set against the backdrop of iconic Manhattan locations, such as the steps of the Met and Chinatown's Pell Street, the film showcases the diverse and dynamic nature of personal style, offering a compelling glimpse into the narratives woven into every style choice.
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