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HALLUCINATE - - killyourdarlings

Official Selection

Title of Piece: HALLUCINATE
Production Company: killyourdarlings
Director: Anastasja Black
Producer(s): Vincent Göler, Sebastian Briem
Editor: Mykita Bereg
Director of Photography: Bernd Mantz
Production Design: Lilli Ceben
Costume Design: Maximilian D'Antonio
Hair & Makeup: Evin Yeryek
Music/Sound Design: Tip van den Bos @MassiveMusic
Writer: Kivi Gali
Instagram Tag: @anastasjablack @berndmantz
Short Synopsis: Today's society is the fastest it has ever been.
This is not only reflected in our behavior, but also in the way we build relationships. People come, people go. But what would happen if we got more involved in these encounters?

Often we go through the process of overthinking, but leave it at that and give these thoughts no chance to become reality.

In this film we let exactly these thoughts run free by telling the story of two people who meet at the back entrance of a club. this seems like an insignificant meeting, but the energy that arises between the two leads to the very mental cinema that our minds create when we are attracted to a person.
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