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Brüderlich - Haus Harder
Nico Harder

Brüderlich - Haus Harder - Nico Harder

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Brüderlich
Brand: Haus Harder
Production Company: Nico Harder
Director: Nico Harder
Producer(s): Nico Harder
Art Director: Nico Harder, Ruben Leander Bühring
Creative Director: Nico Harder
Editor: Nico Harder
Director of Photography: Manuel Schamberger
Production Design: Nico Harder
Costume Design: Nico Harder
Hair & Makeup: Celia Sophie Simon
Music/Sound Design: Jaden Lewis-King
Casting Director: Nico Harder
Visual Effects: Nico Harder
Writer: Nico Harder
Props Stylist: Clara Marnette
Instagram Tag: @hausharder @nico.harder #brüderlich
Short Synopsis: The Film and Collection likewise deal with contrast and ambiguity. Its mission is to locate differences and then merge them to become one. Be it in materiality, idea, or origin. Especially, in an interactive 'Play' when humans leave their boundaries as crowds become one. Nietzsche describes this as:" A frenzy of self-forgetting in which the self gives way to primal unity where individuals are at one with others and nature." .
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