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Formafantasma Tacchini Flock - Tacchini

Formafantasma Tacchini Flock - Tacchini - C41


Title of Piece: Formafantasma Tacchini Flock
Brand: Tacchini
Production Company: C41
Client: Tacchini
Director: Filippo Raineri
Producer(s): Barbara Guieu, Leone Balduzzi, Riccardo Calvi, Producer Formafantasma: Alessandro Celli
Creative Director: Formafantasma
Editor: Filippo Raineri
Director of Photography: Alessandro Luisi
Music/Sound Design: Lorenzo D’anniballe
Additional Credits: Video concept: Formafantasma Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin, Veronica Camera, Alessandro Celli
Additional Credits: Video research: Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin, Alessandro Celli
Additional Credits: Translation: Nicole Salotti, Inga Lavarini
Additional Credits: 1st AC: Michelangelo Carliez
Additional Credits: Assistant Production: Alessandro Copetta
Additional Credits: Color Correction: Cecilia Barbuti
Additional Credits: Voiceover text: Alessandro Celli
Additional Credits: Voiceover production: Claire Bocking
Instagram Tag: @raineri_filippo,
Short Synopsis: Formafantasma Tacchini Flock is the latest project produced by C41 for Tacchini, directed by Filippo Raineri. The project represents a collaboration between the renowned Italian brand and Formafantasma, a design studio that engages in research to understand the ecological, historical, political, and social influences that shape the current state of design. The documentary showcases the brand's novel sustainable production system, emphasizing the importance of circularity of materials as a means to achieve greater sustainability. Formafantasma Tacchini Flock made its debut during Milan Design Week 2023 as a component of the Tacchini FLOCK installation.
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