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Dear Beloved - Beverley Tim
The Hideout Collective

Dear Beloved - Beverley Tim - The Hideout Collective

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Title of Piece: Dear Beloved
Brand: Beverley Tim
Production Company: The Hideout Collective
Client: Beverley Tim
Agency: None
Director: Michelle Hughes
Producer(s): Michelle Hughes, Beverley Tim
Art Director: Michelle Hughes
Creative Director: Michelle Hughes
Editor: Justine Patterson
Director of Photography: Michael Carter
Production Design: Michelle Hughes
Costume Design: Beverley Tim, Hannah Rose Smith
Hair & Makeup: Shine Tesner, Ayanda Sadek
Music/Sound Design: Aramis Silvereke
Casting Director: Michelle Hughes
Visual Effects: None
Animation: None
Writer: Michelle Hughes
Props Stylist: Michelle Hughes
Additional Credits: AD: Izette Blignaut, Stills: Jesse Jewelzzz, PA: Amy Cavernelius
Instagram Tag: @_michelle_hughes @beverley_tim @michael_carter_filmmaker @thehideoutco @beverleyvd1
Short Synopsis: When in pursuit of our dreams, we pass through different emotional phases. We step out in confidence and open ourselves to vulnerability which often allows fear to set in. But in order to reach our dreams, we must persevere through all of these and in the end we find that our dreams were with us every step of the way, cheering us on to the finish line. 'Dear Beloved' is a letter from our dreams that showcases its acknowledgment of these emotions and presence throughout the journey. Five capsule collections with one showstopper look in each were inspired by these elements and designed to change the way we see these emotions. This short film combines fashion and movement and insists that you keep fighting for your dreams.

Your dreams are the product of your longings, a portrait of your potential and a promise of your future. May you cultivate the subtle and intangible matter that makes life worth living and pursue them with great intent. Our wish for you is to live by your passions. May you dream, may you risk and may you create because art is not supplemental, art is essential.
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