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Title of Piece: Eroica
Director: Nathan De Pas Habib
Producer(s): Fitzpatrick Gallery, Basement HQ, Robert Fitzpatrick, Francesco Crespi
Editor: Jacopo Ramella Pajrin
Director of Photography: Andrea Munafò
Production Design: Marco Monti
Costume Design: Sara Pamio
Hair & Makeup: Clara Barbagallo
Music/Sound Design: Chino Amobi, John Utterback, Andrea Sabbatini
Visual Effects: 0608
Writer: Nathan De Pas Habib
Additional Credits: Based on the book Eroica I, a novel by Chino Amobi
Additional Credits: Colorist: Claudio Beltrami
Additional Credits: Production Manager: Alice Bergamin
Additional Credits: Set Designer Assistant: Adelaide Balsari
Additional Credits: Cast: Chino Amobi, Shi Yang Shi, Delma Pompeo, Kal Dos Santos, Benit Alagbe
Instagram Tag: @nathan_depashabib @chinoamobi @eroica__ @fitzpatrick_gallery @basementheadquarter
Short Synopsis: Eroica is a magical realism episodic drama directed by Nathan de Paz Habib and based on Chino Amobi's namesake novel. Starring Amobi himself, the short film introduces the audience to the novel.

The opening scene is set in a nondescript basement with an investigator receiving a report for a missing person. Through his investigation, he discovers archives that confirm Amobi’s death from onticide - a term recently used in African American philosophy to describe the killing of the self as the only way to gain one’s rights and achieve happiness. What follows are a series of flashbacks held within an atmosphere of tension and suspense, revealing the protagonist’s journey.

Eroica is a macro project which explores contemporary mythology, starting as a novel, expanding into art through Chino Amobi’s paintings and music and developing into film. The aim is to portray Chino Amobi’s all encompassing odyssey through a multidisciplinary approach in which literature, art and cinema come together and complement one another.
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