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Breitling | The Sound of Watchmaking - Breitling

Breitling | The Sound of Watchmaking - Breitling -

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Breitling | The Sound of Watchmaking
Brand: Breitling
Client: Breitling
Director: Gilad Avnat & Stav Nahum - AKA “BONAMAZE"
Producer(s): Derek von Sternick
Creative Director: Derek von Sternick
Director of Photography: Avi Karpick
Additional Credits: Strategy: Derek von Sternick
Additional Credits: Project Manager: Michal Cohen Aminov
Additional Credits: Color & Online: Shiri Nahum
Instagram Tag: @bonamaze @breitling @bohemianboyscout
Short Synopsis: Breitling | The Sound of Watchmaking is the latest work by directing duo Bonamaze. Shot for luxury watch brand Breitling, the campaign was created to engage with the social media audience with a focus on TikTok. The result is a series of assets consisting of a longer and more comprehensive hero cut, complemented by several episodes to be shared across social media.

The campaign illustrates the craftsmanship involved in Breitling’s watchmaking process in a playful, cool and accessible manner. It captures the mood in which the watches are made, but also the brand’s essence of being about the people, focusing on real moments, real sounds and real people. In just under a minute, Breitling | The Sound of Watchmaking takes us on a journey in the creation of a Breitling watch, meticulously layering how the different elements are created, assembled and quality controlled.

The campaign alternates technical macro beauty shots with real life moments where the watch is being used. Each scene not only "shows” the storytelling, but also works to enhance the accompanying sound. This song plays a key role in maintaining the audience engaged by creating a unique rhythm carefully composed of watchmaking sounds, lyrics and beats, reflecting the identity of a brand that strives for precision.
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