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Falling Apart - Anna Filzmoser
Anna Filzmoser

Falling Apart - Anna Filzmoser - Anna Filzmoser


Title of Piece: Falling Apart
Brand: Anna Filzmoser
Production Company: Anna Filzmoser
Client: Anna Filzmoser
Director: Emily Ramharter
Producer(s): Anna Filzmoser & Emily Ramharter
Art Director: Emily Ramharter & Anna Filzmoser
Creative Director: Emily Ramharter & Anna Filzmoser
Editor: Antonio Labuhar
Director of Photography: Antonio Labuhar
Costume Design: Anna Filzmoser
Hair & Makeup: Anna Filzmoser, Michaela Kessler, Katharina Gnigler
Music/Sound Design: Jean Philipp Oliver Viol
Casting Director: Anna Filzmoser
Visual Effects: Antonio Labuhar & Emily Ramharter
Props Stylist: Anna Filzmoser
Additional Credits: Photography and Edit Pictures: Mala Kolumna
Additional Credits: Graphic Design and Titles: Laurenz Hintermayer
Additional Credits: Assistant: Michaela Kessler
Additional Credits: Talents: Katharina Gnigler, David Marcin, Toni Alberti
Instagram Tag: #fallingapart @_ae.n.na_ @eineemily @arrirris @mala.kolumna @akaliakaliofficialwritten @brubrubrubrumediagraphic @laurenzrosa @kathasis__ @dadamarcinn @alabasteranacondaassistant @m.kessler_official
Short Synopsis: Falling Apart, is a project about identity, discussing the process of losing oneself, falling apart, finding yourself and allowing room for something new to be created. The complexity of the topic is being captured in dissolving knit and denim pieces with focus on a new interpretated connection technique. The concept is captured in a short experimental fashion film, shot on super-8, which charismatically expresses the complexity of the topic, the process of searching and finding, and lets the viewer dive into a lived reality for 3 ½ minutes. Falling Apart aims to create a place where feelings, which are often intangible, are given space and can become visible.
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