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The Antwerp Cyber Six - MUTANI

The Antwerp Cyber Six - MUTANI - MUTANI

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Title of Piece: The Antwerp Cyber Six
Production Company: MUTANI
Agency: ior50 Studio
Director: Shayli Harrison
Producer(s): MUTANI
Art Director: Shayli Harrison
Creative Director: Shayli Harrison
Editor: ior50 Studio
Director of Photography: ior50 Studio
Production Design: ior50 Studio, Shayli Harrison
Costume Design: Brandon Wen, Flora Miranda, Maximilian Rittler, Nadav Perlman, Shayli Harrison, Stefan Kartchev
Music/Sound Design: Roman Hiele
Casting Director: Shayli Harrison
Visual Effects: ior50 Studio
Animation: ior50 Studio
Additional Credits: Fashion Digitiser: Martina Ponzoni
Additional Credits: Fashion Digitiser: Nastassia Petkevich
Additional Credits: Fashion Digitiser: Miguel Lopez-Alonso
Instagram Tag: @brandylaa @floramirandaofficial @rittlermaximilian @nadavperlman @shayli_harrison @stefankartchev @hielehiele @mponz @nastyukhan
Short Synopsis: Inspired as a software update for the iconic Antwerp Six,

The Antwerp Cyber-Six is named as an homage to the six graduates (1980) of the Antwerp Fashion Department, who became the most influential avant-garde collective in fashion history.

In order to re-ignite this legacy, digital fashion network MUTANI with support from the City of Antwerp invited six Antwerp-based creative zealots to blaze new virtual trails: Brandon Wen, Flora Miranda, Max Rittler, Nadav Perlman, Shayli Harrison and Stefan Kartchev.

Selecting only the most unreal - of real archival looks from each designer, MUTANI collaborated with ior50 Studio to translate six digital fashion silhouettes on six custom avatars.

Conceived to inspire new in-game identities, each assumes their own name, backstory strengths, weaknesses and of course, a few spells and weapons.

This animation introduces each of these Cyber-Six characters as they spawn into a custom built environment, modeled on the CERN particle accelerator - come portal to new worlds. The protagonists (and some antagonists) are set in motion to the tailor-made synth sounds of Belgian electronic music composer, Roman Hiele.

The Antwerp Cyber-Six is a project that recklessly traverses the lines between fashion, games, fine-art and cinema. Serving high-creative legacies and talent to brand new audiences.

All to make an avant-garde mark in the metaverse.
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