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Barbara Bui - Barbara Bui
Cousines et Dépendances

Barbara Bui - Barbara Bui - Cousines et Dépendances


Title of Piece: Barbara Bui
Brand: Barbara Bui
Production Company: Cousines et Dépendances
Client: Barbara Bui
Director: Keren Ann
Producer(s): Marie Etchegoyen & Yann Girard
Art Director: Keren Ann Zeidel
Creative Director: Nicolas Boualami
Editor: Erin Bowser
Director of Photography: David Chizallet
Hair & Makeup: Flavio Nunes
Music/Sound Design: Keren Ann
Writer: Keren Ann Zeidel
Additional Credits: Romain Brau
Additional Credits: Laetitia Eïdo
Instagram Tag: @cousinesetdependances @barbarabui @kerenannmusic @romainbrau @laetitiaeido #barbarabui
Short Synopsis: Romain and Laetitia are placed in a room near a large window. Their posture is frozen, it is the camera that tells the story. They are in pairs or separately with sober attitudes of the everyday life linked to the moment of contemplation (fixing an object when the cup of coffee smokes on the table, looking by the window, closing a book, touching a material, stretching, exchanging a glance...).
We will try to present ten "looks" from different angles by filming also details of the body, the neck, the hands, a shoulder... It is the camera that makes the journey.
The sound of the electric guitar goes from a "ugly-back" progression to a rhythmic sequence with the voice-over telling:

"At the beginning I wanted to make my body live in a familiar material. A leaf, an animal skin, a shell, bones, even a fur. I wanted to make my body live each day in a texture, in a tone. In linen, hemp, silk, cotton. I wanted to wear metals. I wanted to wear a hat.
I don't know if I wanted to define my appearance or my belonging. I don't know if I wanted to imitate, to please or to reveal the melting pot of a culture or a political movement. Often I wanted to get closer to the hidden folds of history, the one before me and the one of the unknowns I knew in the pages of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Woolf, Wilde, in the verses of Dylan, Springsteen and Cohen. I wanted to know felt and satin to make my body believe that we were in Kunming or Chengdu. I wanted to listen to Sinatra and walk slowly but surely in a white tuxedo with my mother's Turkish Horse scarf.
One night I dreamed of a velvet cape, it was the same dream where Emily Dickinson tasted a never brewed liquor, she had her hair pulled back and a Mexican brooch. When I woke up, I noticed that my pendant with my daughter's initials was at the crossroads of space and time, just like the rush and lotus flower perfume of the lady on the fourth floor at 41 Spring Street in New York when she came down to get her newspaper.
Now I look at my guitar and its leather strap with the bird of paradise embroidered on it. This moment is fragmented, it is divided between individual, real and virtual worlds connected by textures that I now want to remove in order to make my body live in the arms of the one who makes the material timeless."
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