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Second Life - WXY

Second Life - WXY - FAN XIANG CO.,LTD.

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Title of Piece: Second Life
Brand: WXY
Production Company: FAN XIANG CO.,LTD.
Client: WXY
Director: Joi Weng
Producer(s): Joi Weng, Su Zan Kang
Creative Director: Joi Weng
Editor: Yu Lee
Director of Photography: Yu Lee
Production Design: Joi Weng
Music/Sound Design: Jen-Shuo Chen
Casting Director: Joi Weng
Visual Effects: Su Zan Kang
Writer: Joi Weng
Additional Credits: Colorist: Yun Chen
Additional Credits: Drone Photography: Kevin Chen
Additional Credits: First Assistant Camera: Lung Fang Pan
Additional Credits: Focus Puller: Bo Wei Chen
Additional Credits: Talent: Vanessa Pan
Additional Credits: Makeup: Nayi Chang
Additional Credits: Script Supervisor: Magarita Chen
Additional Credits: Production Assistant: Yan Xin Weng
Additional Credits: Still Photographer: Yorke Wu
Additional Credits: Behind-The-Scenes: Amber Soul
Instagram Tag: @whynotwxy @w.joi #Secondlife #wxyshoes #wxysecondlife
Short Synopsis: Inspired by "Second Life Toys," an ad for organ donation in Japan, we try to reuse every part of unsold inventory. In some cases, dead stocks damaged, defective, or cannot be sold for other reasons could regenerate as a new product with quality, beauty, and reuse.

The burning shoes connect the lifeless dunes and the peeling model, which reflects the dead inventory situation. Through the prosperous newborn fields and turning everything into a new life, which idea taken from the burning of the twigs after harvesting crops in the fields becomes Nutrients for the earth, re-sow new life, and all have a chance to regain a second life.
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