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Club Utopia

Club Utopia - - SHOWstudio

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Title of Piece: Club Utopia
Production Company: SHOWstudio
Client: Liberte Productions
Director: Charlie Tronchot
Producer(s): Kat Davey, Bella Hollamby
Creative Director: Charlie Tronchot
Editor: Anastasiia Sheptukhina
Director of Photography: Ben Marshall
Costume Design: Charlotte Roberts
Hair & Makeup: Kristina Ralph-Andrews / Shunsuke Meguro
Music/Sound Design: Rémi Mazet
Casting Director: Charlie Tronchot
Additional Credits: Delilah Grocott Cain
Additional Credits: Ariish Wol
Additional Credits: Georgie Bee
Additional Credits: Naomi Weijand
Instagram Tag: @charlietronchot @showstudio #clubutopia
Short Synopsis: Club Utopia is a tribute to the UK nightlife scene, the dance floor, and self-expression. A tribute to spontaneity and freedom and most importantly, women.
Director Charlie Tronchot takes us on a hypnotic journey as she depicts a heady mix of hedonism and freedom as our four women abandon themselves to the music. Frenetic dance moves create a seductive fever dream, evoking nostalgic memories of euphoria and connection, much longed for after a period of pandemic enforced hiatus and isolation.

A love letter to sweaty bodies and ram-packed clubs - the ultimate ode to self-expression. ‘Club Utopia’ is about a celebration of love and London nightlife, rather than a nostalgic interpretation. After all, at least we know fashion will be partying long into the night, right?
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