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Calling - CHRISTIANAHONES - Gramafilm

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Calling
Production Company: Gramafilm
Agency: Gramafilm
Director: Jack Bailey
Producer(s): Luba Shramko
Art Director: Charlie Speak
Creative Director: Malachi Hamilton
Editor: Nomad Editing Company, Beth Roberts
Director of Photography: Tasha Duursma
Production Design: Natalie Galvau
Costume Design: Justin Hamilton
Hair & Makeup: Fey Carla Adediji
Music/Sound Design: TEE
Casting Director: /
Visual Effects: /
Animation: /
Writer: /
Props Stylist: /
Instagram Tag: @gramafilm
Short Synopsis: ‘Calling’ is the latest in a series of campaigns produced by the creative team at Gramafilm, celebrating the woman behind CHRISTIANAHJONES, Tianah Hodding and her iconic sunglasses.

Despite the A-list fanbase (Beyonce, Billie EIlish, Lizzo, Milly Bobby Brown) CHRISTIANAHJONES was launched on Depop in 2017 and is still run solely by fashion entrepreneur Tianah Hodding.

Her amazing story captured the attention of the team at Gramafilm, who decided to feature it as part Gramafilm's 'Magazine' initiative, which provides their creative team with an opportunity to work on passion projects, telling stories that would otherwise be left untold. Founded off the back of a desire to showcase new collaborations with community heroes, charities and trailblazing creatives, it is about partnering with people the team admires, giving these heroes the resources to share their voice.

‘Calling’ itself is about opening your imagination to infinite possibilities; it’s about embracing the desire to be yourself, empowering you to break free of the constructs created by a society and to “Be Yourself”.

“Seeing CHRISTIANAHJONES being given a voice in such a beautiful and authentic way is incredible for not just myself, but for all who have supported me in my journey. It adds luxe and quality to the brand and welcomes new audiences to experience the brand.”

- Tianah Hodding, Founder of CHRISTIANAHJONES
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