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Salty Cream

Salty Cream - - RTALIN

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Salty Cream
Production Company: RTALIN
Director: Maja Classen
Producer(s): RTALIN, Lo-Fi Cherry
Art Director: Katherine Leung
Creative Director: Maja Classen
Editor: Lindsay Zasada
Director of Photography: Mica Komagata
Production Design: RTALIN
Costume Design: Leonard Condemine
Music/Sound Design: RTALIN
Casting Director: RTALIN
Writer: Maja Classen, RTALIN
Additional Credits: Perfomers: Bishop Black, Diana Kleimenova, Sultan Of Filth/RTALIN, Puck Ellington
Instagram Tag: @rtalinrtalin @classicmaja #saltycream
Short Synopsis: A green haired human is lost in the forest, looking for something, as they are confronted with animalistic creatures and mirrored masks playing hide and seek, seducing and luring him in. First they appear as singular beings, then as a female and male lovers, then dancing and merging into a four armed gender fluid creature, then into a six armed god*ess. The human is fascinated, starts to sing his melancholic song and plays the mask like an instrument or a body, when they suddenly become part of the creature, merge into it. It is now the most beautiful eight armed monster and goddess, which represents our strength, fear, sexuality and sensuality and beauty. And the way that fashion and luxury come from the beautiful dialogue of our bodies.
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