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Perspective - JELISA - Official Music Video - n.a. - VIMEO 3m:26s

Perspective - JELISA - Official Music Video

Perspective - JELISA - Official Music Video - - n.a.


Title of Piece: Perspective - JELISA - Official Music Video
Production Company: n.a.
Director: Jolien Snyers
Producer(s): Libbe van Dijk
Art Director: Jurian Vermoolen
Creative Director: Jelisa Jamy van Schijndel
Editor: Johannes de Jong
Director of Photography: Rutger Storm
Costume Design: Max Zara Sterck and The Next Studio
Hair & Makeup: Estefania ter Heerdt
Music/Sound Design: JELISA (music) and Soundsright (mixage/sound design)
Writer: Jolien Snyers
Additional Credits: Colorist: Remi Lindenhovius
Additional Credits: Music and lyrics: JELISA - Producer & keys: Jurgen Gerlofs Mix and master: Killing Skills - Bass player: Aditya Sardjono
Additional Credits: Wardrobe: Black Design by Max Zara Sterck - White curated outfit by The Next Studio, Fashionology
Additional Credits: Styling: Jelisa Jamy van Schijndel
Additional Credits: Gaffer: Thomas Kool
Additional Credits: Production Manager: Cuba Rebelde
Additional Credits: Focus Puller: Robert Jaap de Lange
Additional Credits: Cast: Jelisa Jamy van Schijndel (artist) and Isai Reiziger (drummer)
Additional Credits: Best Boy and Electricien: Lieneke Veen, Rick Koopman
Instagram Tag: @byjoliensnyers @joliensnyers @jelisajamy @storm_rutger @_thenewstudio @maxzarasterck #jelisa #perspective
Short Synopsis: Perspective is a music-video, a story about Jelisa’s confrontation with her thoughts when she's alone.

A shift between melancholy and the longing for freedom and 'more' during quarantine can lead to a lot of inner conflicts and is at the same time a beautiful search for self-love, compassion and a clear perspective. But what is the right perspective?
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