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Studio 183

183 - Studio 183 - Studio 183

Official Selection

Title of Piece: 183
Brand: Studio 183
Production Company: Studio 183
Director: Angelo van de Wiel
Producer(s): Katrina Ryback
Art Director: Polina Joffe
Editor: Klara Plainer
Director of Photography: Patrick Tichy
Production Design: Angelo van de Wiel, Katrina Ryback, Polina Joffe
Hair & Makeup: Rebekah Bogle, Neli Strukelj
Music/Sound Design: Hayden Dean
Additional Credits: Sunrise Dance Choreography: Marie Zechiel
Additional Credits: Featured brands: Ariga Torosian, Assembled Half, Remesalt, Reza Nadimi, Wheat & Rose, Papingo Maminga, Form of Interest, The Publisher, a.Achat, AFMF, Killing Weekend, Kiss the Future, ZMAI, ZEFYRAS, Kleinecke & Lenzen, Disciplina, BISKIT
Additional Credits: Additional Production: Polly Films GmbH
Instagram Tag: @studio183_berlin @ae_wiel #studio183
Short Synopsis: STUDIO183 began as an experimental pop-up shop in 2015 and has now formed into a boutique retail concept that prides itself in showcasing high-quality design, fashion & art while offering a platform for select young designers and entrepreneurs to sell their products in a curated retail context.

As a film '183' visually and audibly dives into the brand's deep Berlin roots while representing the values it holds dear: independence, traceability, slow fashion and genderlessness.
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