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The Ultimate Samsara - Chenshuo Hsu - SANKUANZ MOV 3m:45s

The Ultimate Samsara - SANKUANZ
Chenshuo Hsu

The Ultimate Samsara - SANKUANZ - Chenshuo Hsu

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Title of Piece: The Ultimate Samsara
Production Company: Chenshuo Hsu
Director: Chenshuo Xu
Producer(s): Chenshuo Xu, Guanzhen Gao, Ziyi Wang
Art Director: Ziyi Wang
Creative Director: GuanZhen Gao
Editor: GuanZhen Gao
Director of Photography: Zixuan Tang
Production Design: Ruiqi Ge
Hair & Makeup: Shuyu Xiong
Music/Sound Design: Ziyi Wang
Visual Effects: Chenshuo Xu
Props Stylist: Caitlyn
Additional Credits: 3D Production - Chenshuo Xu
Additional Credits: Model - Lee
Additional Credits: Line Producer - Eric Liu
Additional Credits: Camera Assistant - Yunhe Zhang
Additional Credits: Gaffer - Mingxuan Yang
Additional Credits: Fashion design collaborator - SANKUANZ
Additional Credits: Fashion design - ZITA YAN, Yutong, Eva Yang, Alicia Lee, Xu Zhang, YULONG XIA, HUJIE
Instagram Tag: #The Ultimate Samsara, Director@chenshuohsu, Art director@wwwangzy, Creative director@soso.issoso
Short Synopsis: The Ultimate Samsara is a fashion film that explores the authenticity of digital identity in ancient Chinese rituals, and portrays digital fantasia between folktale, metaverse and reincarnation. It is an exploration of hybrid Chinese culture, fashion and identity; Using a 3D space to express the connection between Chinese traditional culture and modern society on cultural responsibility. Investigate self-identity in the metaverse via digital reincarnation and ancient Nuo dance.
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